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6 Top tips for your Marketing Strategy during the COVID-19 Lockdown

In this uncertain time, with the sales of many products effectively on hold, and in light of some companies having to furlough staff, it’s understandable that some people within your business may want to cut back on marketing spend and wait for the green shoot of recovery to appear before restarting any marketing activity.

Whilst this may seem like the “safe” thing to do we would argue that it’s now more important than ever to keen your communication channel open.

Here are 6 top tips for your marketing strategy during the COVID-19 crisis.

1. First things first - Maintain communication!

The worst thing you can do right now as a marketeer is to go silent. Even a simple message to your customers which shows support and consideration of their situation will go a long way.

2. Utilise Social Media & Online channels

Social media platforms have witnessed a dramatic increase in usage over the last month. With the country practicing social distancing and with many self-isolating, maintaining contact via social media has become more important than ever. Use this time to post engaging and content that is useful for your audience.

It’s very likely they will remember this once we come out the other side.

Similarly, websites across all sectors and industries are reporting huge increases in traffic as people go online looking for help and advice.

If this is where your audience are, this is where you should be too!

3. Think about your messaging and how you communicate it

This is not a time for product pushes. People don’t want to be sold to at the moment, what they want is advice and reassurance.

You will probably have seen multiple TV ads recently which utilise content filmed on mobile or webcams. Using a medium that your target audience are also likely to be using within their own communications gives the feel that we’re all in this together and build a sense of solidarity.

4. Don’t be afraid to talk about what your company is doing during the crisis

If your company or any of your staff are doing something for the greater good during the crisis take the opportunity to shout about it.

Given the circumstances we could all do with a good news story, so if your company has helped with the supply of PPE for key workers or if Karen in accounts is volunteering within her local community then let your audience know. People will remember these efforts when this is over.

Equally, if you know of any customers who are doing good things at the moment, or going the extra mile, then champion them.

Aligning your brand with goodwill can never be a bad thing.

5. Make sure your SEO is up to scratch

Update your keywords and keep them up to date.

Optimise your content to keep the site high on Google’s rankings.

This will not only benefit you now, but also when things recover.

6. Don’t ignore the analytics

Keep a close watch on what messages and content are driving engagement and do more of them.

If creative or content isn’t performing, try something new.

In summary, don’t be afraid to keep communication channels open during this period, just think about what you’re saying and how you’re making these communications.


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