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Vetoquinol’s Felpreva campaign still stands strong!

18 months post launch, we thought it was time to revisit the Felpreva UK veterinary media campaign and provide an update on its success to date.

From March 2022 to Sept 2023, almost 2 million impressions have been delivered across digital display, email, social media, native & video content, resulting in over 9,500 clicks and an overall CTR of 0.49% (industry average is 0.10%).

We also like to consider ourselves as trendsetters because Threefold Media were the first to try a new commercial advertising opportunity in 2023 providing hundreds of clicks per month and other advertisers were quick to follow suit!

Digital success has been backed up by the print presence, which is still an important medium for the veterinary profession. Bio’Sat Vet Market Research carry out a quarterly Advertising Tracking survey across France, Germany, the UK, Italy and Spain in which they ask vets which products for cats and dogs they remember seeing in the veterinary journals during the last month. Results are based on spontaneous recall and according to the latest ad impact tracking scores, Felpreva is currently ranked 4th across all countries and in the UK for the past year.

All 5 countries...

Advertising impact graph - Europe

The UK...

Advertising impact graph - UK

Most pleasing for us is that 6 months after launch (in Sept 2022), Felpreva was ranked 2nd in the UK.

Advertising impact graph by brand

The full results can be viewed here.


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