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Strategies that work

There are countless ways to connect with people. Whether it’s print, digital or experiential – our approach is to do it effectively and efficiently. By analysing your business needs in combination with understanding the target audience – we then select the right media mix with your unique and compelling message.  

Everything we do is strategic, informed by meticulous research methods and our knowledge of media. Be confident that our carefully designed campaigns will provide a clear return on investment. We’ll show you exactly what impact your campaigns have had, providing detailed analytics and reports. We’ll use that data to inform your next campaign, moving onwards and upwards for better results every time.

Logical step-by-step process

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Research your media and market 

At Threefold Media we set out to offer our clients the best media service available, through continuous research, analysis, and interrogation. Never blindly accepting the media’s word; always looking for the true facts and the figures.  Constantly challenging the standard routes and looking for innovative and effective ways to reach varied target audiences.


Publication analysis and appraisals

We analyse all the media we consider. Even those we don’t recommend using. This means we can provide insight into all potential media opportunities that could be incorporated into your communications plan.  


Strategic, practical media planning

Strategy is the key to success. Our media planning arms us with the knowledge and understanding to develop well thought-out campaigns with clear aims, understand what’s working well, and identify what can be improved.


Media buying and negotiation

Whatever your budget, get the best value for money by entrusting your media negotiation to us. Whether you’re paying for print advertising or planning a TV campaign, our shrewd media team will ensure you get the best deal.


Competitor activity reporting 

What are your competitors up to? Where are they spending? What are they saying? We can find out to give you a competitive advantage. Our comprehensive reports provide invaluable data and insights to show exactly how you measure up, and which steps to take next.


Admin support

If you need help with the admin that goes along with your media activities, consider it part of the package. We’ll deal with all the requisite paperwork, emails, booking, invoicing and payments – so everything will run like clockwork.

We continue to be impressed by the efficiency, professionalism and enthusiasm of the team. Threefold Media offer much more than a media service – to us, they represent an extension of our own marketing team.
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